From awareness to understanding

Senior endorsement put the Mindful Business Charter squarely on the agenda and gave us a platform to build on, but making the MBC tangible is what has spurred colleagues to action.


Our communications plan took one pillar of the charter each month and we explicitly drew on ideas from the charter and added ‘real life’ suggestions from our champions. Our leaders have also shared their ‘non-negotiables’ –the personal, private or community commitments that are sacrosanct.


It also helped to make a link between the MBC to relevant Barclays initiatives, so that it is the thread that links these together rather than ‘another thing’.


Mindful storytelling

Storytelling has been important in how we’ve shared the message on MBC, emphasizing the human, and making it relatable and relevant.


An anecdote from Phil in the early days of the MBC really spurred people to action; a colleague had approached Phil, full of enthusiasm for the MBC, and asked him when it was going to begin. Phil’s response; it starts with each of us, it starts with you.


Other stories have covered the impact of workplace stress, dynamic working, achieving the right work:life balance, and personal reflections on wellbeing. Some were short, some long, some were videos, some in person and others online. However we’ve shared colleague stories we’ve seem a tangible effect, not just in terms of click rates, but with colleagues reach out directly to our storytellers to engage with them.


Champions at the heart of it all

It’s been our champions who have really breathed life into the MBC and made it a part of the team dialogue. Whether that’s putting it on the agenda with seniors in their area, leading the discussion in team meetings or being there to answer colleague questions and assuage doubt


Each of our business areas has a champion and we initially met monthly, sharing updates on how we had engaged our business areas, and how that had landed. The initial response to the MBC varied by business area and by geography, and that it was important to listen to that feedback and respond to it in the right way. The tenacity, enthusiasm and passion of our champions for this topic has been incredible.


A SharePoint site provides content for champions including short discussion decks, videos, and engagement ideas from the regular calls and conversations. We also encourage Line Managers to use these resources in their own team meetings.


Next stop – embedding

Sharing the MBC story internally brought interest from teams outside of our Legal function. We’re gently pushing a programme of ‘organic growth’, responding to enquiries, sharing our own experiences and helping others to set up their own programmes.


Meanwhile we’re taking a pause to check on progress so far. A recent wellbeing survey asked colleagues about their awareness of the MBC and of we continue to engage with our panel firms through our relationship meetings and D&I consortium.


Our expectation is that people will be at different places in their journey, but that overall we are ready to move our narrative forward and focus on really embedding the MBC in our ways of working.